20 Celebs Pretending To Be Covered In Tatts

I stumbled upon a pic of Kim Kardashian covered in tattoos and was like woah. Imagine if some of your favorite celebs who are clean skinned were covered from head to toe in tats? The Internet has used its photoshop skills to make our imaginations wonder no longer. I have gathered some of the craziest… More »


You walk by a dark, downtown alley. A skeevy little man whistles your way. You lower your head and pretend to text, but he ushers you closer. Your eyes scan the sidewalk for possible escapes, but you find yourself led deeper into the shadows. And then you see it…..yes, an oasis in the abyss. What… More »

Britney Spears Not Realising “The Circus Starring: Britney Spears” DVD

Rumor has it Britney’s releasing her Circus Tour on DVD.

Perez Hilton alleges Larry Rudolph posted this “exclusive” clip as promo for the release, however…

10 Bizarre Fake Eyelashes!

A few days ago I saw a picture of a model at a fashion show with the most bizzare fake eyelashes! And when I say fake, I mean – REALLY FAKE. I’ll post that particular picture at the end of this gallery, so make sure to check that one out because it’ll definitely suprirse you…. More »

GIVEAWAY! WINKS False Eyelashes

Spring has sprung + Sparkly Proms + Summer Weddings are right around the corner! I want to help you look your very best with some FREE False eyelashes from my darling friends at WINKS By Georgie. A few months ago my fellow blogger + bestie from Loftisssays turned me onto this awesome company. They make… More »

Ryan Gosling As Walt Disney?

It’s no secret that Ryan Gosling L-O-V-E-S Disneyland. After all, Tinsel Town’s leading man got his start as a tween on the New Mickey Mouse Club in the early 90s…

Beyonce’s People Says Baby Bump Is Real: Do You Believe Them?

Ever since footage of Beyonce‘s interview with Australia’s Sunday Night Show showed a possible faulty baby bump, rumors have surfaced everywhere that Bey is faking her pregnancy, wearing a faux baby bump while…

Canvas Birkin Bag: Luxury at a Discount

Lately while walking around, I have seen a few stylish moms carrying what, at first glance, appears to be the classic Hermès Birkin Bag. Upon closer…

Dear Models, You Just Aren’t Skinny Enough. Love, Photoshop

So I guess the model they hired who is undoubtedly 5’11 and a size 2 at most is just not thin enough for Ann Taylor’s draconian web store standards, because they decided to quietly rasterize…


2005. Then everyone on Myspace ripped me off, but whats new? Trendsetter, that’s me.

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