Ashley Greene and Demi Lovato: Feuding Like Jen and Angelina?

Ashley Greene has had her fair share of tabloid rumors and gossip. Case in point: After breaking up with ex Joe Jonas earlier this year, the rumor mill ran rampant on who she was dating, linking her to the likes of fellow Twilight actor Jackson Rathbone, Gerard Butler, Chris Evans, and Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill. She is also known as the girl who stole Joe’s heart right after he broke things off with Demi Lovato, who then later went to treatment for emotional and physical issues.

So what does the Twilight actress think of her ex’s other ex? Ashley opened up to Allure magazine and told them the real deal! Rumors have been going around that the two Joe Jonas exes are supposedly feuding with one another (dating back to right before Demi went into treatment), but Ashley clears that rumor right up.

Does that make Joe Brad Pitt?

“I’m really happy that she’s doing well,” Ashley said of Demi. “She and I never had a problem with each other, but, you know, it doesn’t go away. Jen Aniston still gets asked about Angelina Jolie.”

Good to know. And interesting comparison Ash! Soooo, that would make Demi Jennifer Aniston and Ashley is Angelina? We could see that!

Do you agree with the Jen and Angelina comparison Ashley made about her and Demi? Who do you think is whom? Are you Team Ashley or Team Demi?