How You Know Your Ex Is Truly Over You

Yeah yeah…break ups suck. They suck especially hard when your ex starts dating someone new. However, just because they’re hanging out with a fresh face doesn’t mean they’re totally over what they had with you. The hints will be heavy if they’re still interested in knowing your comings and goings, which will give you an undeniable feeling… More »

This Is Why The End Of Heartbreak Is Actually Kind Of Sad & Scary

Going through a break up, or realizing the person you desperately want to be your permanent plus one has zero interest in being romantically linked to you, is tough. There’s potential for the heartache following the heartbreak to linger for a realllly long time. However, nothing lasts forever and eventually everything settles down and one morning… More »

This Is Why You Need To Stop Talking To Your Ex

I’ll be the first to admit I’m guilty of falling into the trap of talking to an ex again after a bad break up. I thought after two years of silence we could be friends and maybe he had changed his ways. I considered the possibility that our former relationship was just getting us ready… More »

Signs You Still Might Not Be Over Your Ex

Break ups are tough, and it really sucks when the break up is a big one that really feels like a stab to the heart. As much as you’d like to get past the heartache as fast as possible, there are some people you date who emotionally stick with you even years after you part ways…. More »

Jeffree Star Fires Back At Kat Von D On Twitter To Set The Rumor Record Straight

Yesterday was a whirlwind with news of Kat Von D publicly ending her friendship with Jeffree Star. The make-up mogul/reality star/tattoo master not only posted the news to Facebook and Twitter, but also dropped a personal video to explain her decision to disassociate herself from Jeffree and his brand. Jeffree responded with a promise to… More »

Vanessa Hudgens Performs New Song In Sexy Shorts And Crop Top

Vanessa Hudgens is returning to her musical roots, and looking great while doing it! The starlet, 24, performed her song, $$$ex with girl group YLA at Bootsy Bellows, in LA.

25 Things To Do After A Break-Up

Last night a dear friend of mine sent me the text “Another Break up. They never really get easier, do they.” She’s right. They never get easier. I think really liking someone and that person deciding that they do not feel the same way, is terrible. The thing I get asked the most about, is… More »

How To Get A Good Laugh From A Crazy Ex

First off, not every relationship ends miserably and not every ex is crazy BUT for those who do have a crazy ex, you will love this post. I found a hilarious meme and video about the crazy ex and it got me poking around the internet for more fun stuff. I figured hey if you… More »

Pete Wentz COMPLIMENTS Ashlee Simpson’s Parenting Skills

Despite any drama that might have occured between the former reinging King and Queen of eyeliner, Pete Wentz

EW WHY? Lindsay Lohan Is Covered In Bruises and Vanessa Hudgens Needs To Stop

^This is me reading the daily news. 

It’s only Wednesday and yet so much weird sh*t has happened in Hollywood already. Let’s…

Vanessa Hudgens Releases ‘Spring Breakers’ Inspired Single ‘$$$ex’

Just incase you still haven’t had the chance to see Spring Breakers starring (James Franco, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens) this song might get you pumped enough to head out to the…

Why Are Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber Fighting Over Nick Jonas?

Just when it seemed like Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber‘s relationship was on the mend, it looks like things are going south again! Earlier…

Guess Who Taylor Swift’s Never Getting Back With: Mystery Ex Revealed!

Taylor Swift is notorious for writing hit songs about her ex-loves – just ask Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner and John Mayer! Ever since her catchy…

Why Your Brain Won’t Stop Thinking About Your EX: My Interview With Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

My journey speaking with Dr. Taylor is a long one. I want to get to the good stuff as soon as possible, but i want to explain how it all started. It started with Oprah

Selena Gomez Slams Her Ex: Who Is It?

Selena Gomez is blissfully in love with current boyfriend Justin Bieber. But before there was Justin, the 19-year-old singer/actress dated the likes of Taylor Lautner

Case of the Ex: Scarlett Johansson Hates Blake Lively!

Like Katy Perry sings, there will always be that “one that got away” – and for Scarlett Johansson, that…

Ashley Greene and Demi Lovato: Feuding Like Jen and Angelina?

Ashley Greene has had her fair share of tabloid rumors and gossip. Case in point: After breaking up with ex Joe Jonas earlier this year, the rumor mill <a…

Kat Von D Calls Out Jesse James: ‘My Cheating Ex’

It’s tough enough to deal with a messy breakup on your own, but to have it publicized to the world is even harder. Most celebrities keep it under wraps, but <a…

Question of the Day: What’s Something You Want To Say To An Ex?

Let’s say for some strange reason that you are walking down the street, eating your favorite flavor of ice cream, and then you bump into one of your ex luvahs. Magically, your ice cream doesn’t…

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