The 13th Anniversary Of The Ultimate Britney’s Fan – 13 Moments I Would Like To Share With Brit

Here I am again with another blog dedicated to my Queen, Miss Britney Spears. This is the number 10 and October 24th is around the corner, so my travel along those 13 years is almost ended.

After have seen Brit live in Zurich, have met Felicia, I thought to do this kind of blog, about the 13 moments I would like to spend with Britney!

13. Frappuccino Time

A Sunday morning could be starts in this sweet way. Frappuccino at Starbucks. Her fav one is Strawberry and Cream, I love the Espresso one.

12. Relaxing under the sun

I really would like to spend some relaxing time with Brit under the sun and at the beach, playing volleyball and reading gossip magazines. Possibly with any paparazzi around!

11. Watching romantic comedies

Both of us love romantic comedies and a rainy day could be perfect for a marathon of romantic movies, better if Sarah Jessica Parker is the protagonist. Brit loves her!

10. Have fun at the playground as two little girls

I think all of us is still a child inside and I think an afternoon at the playground with no stress or worries sounds AWESOME. I already can imagine all the laughes we could to do!

9. Driving and going in the middle of the nowhere

Freedom is a word that Brit doesn’t know so well. Always paparazzi around her and no privacy. I would like to go in the middle of the nowhere with her and stay together for a day, only me and her, and her kids of course!

8. Shooting funny photos

Usually I don’t like shoot photo on myself but if they are ridicoulous or funny I’m the first to say: we can do it! This is another moment I would to spend with Brit!

7. Going at karaoke

Karaoke night sounds so good! I really would like to sing something with Brit, I really love I LOVE ROCK’N’ROLL in CROSSROADS movie, it’s a great song and one of the less I can sing well!

6. Pajama party and talking all night

In CROSSROADS movie, one of my fav parts is when Lucy, Mimi and Kitty talks about her childhood and stuff like that, they enjoy a lot! And I always thought it could be awesome to spend a night with Brit talking about us, about our dreams, our experiences…

5. Spending moment with her babies

I know how much Brit loves her children, so one point of my list had to be with them. I already know Sean and JJ are two preciuous jewels for her and two amazing kids. It would be fun to spend a day with them at the pool.

4. Mading up eachother

I really love when Brit mades up Brett during FOR THE RECORD, I always dreamt to be at Brett place and I think this could be a really fun way to spend an afternoon or to preparing for a party or a disco time!

3. Listen her when she needs

I would like to don’t see Brit sad anymore! But if it could be happen again I would like to be there with her and embrace her so tight, talk to her, listen her and say her that everything is gonna be ok!

2. Going to shopping

Brit’s fashion taste is really cool and I love her also when she wears a simple jumpsuit. In FOR THE RECORD documentary I love the part when she goes to shopping! I love how much she is down on earth and she says that some clothes are too much expensive even though she has million of dollars and when she tries a lot of awesome outfits. I think it could be a great Saturday afternoon of shopping

1. Dancing with her

My deepest dream has always been dance with Britney! I know all her choreographies and I hope one day to have the honour to dance with her on her biggest smash hits!


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