I’m so tired of looking at snow that I just had to post a very colorful photo. This plaque is in my favorite TEX-MEX restaurant. The last time I was there I saw someone had added a mustache to it. It made me Smile 😀 View in full size original

Brandi Cyrus X Jacqueline Rezak Clothing Line Collab!!

You guys I am SO SO excited to announce to all of you FIRST before anyone else that I am doing a clothing collaboration with my good friend Jacqueline Rezak and her fabulous…

Brandi’s Top 5 Healthy Hair Secrets!

Well I guess they aren’t so secret anymore, but I had to share this with you guys. I’m such a sucker for products. Skin care, hair, makeup: you name it and I’ve got so much…

Coachella Photo Diary: Party Edition

Happy Monday Folks! I am feeling tanner, tired and excited all at the same time about this past weekend. I got the pleasure of going to Palm Springs with a bunch of friends to take part in the Coachella 2013 parties. I have never been to actual Coachella but have always heard the parties are… More »

Heart-Shaped Glasses: I Only Have Eyes For You

As I have mentioned, I’m in love with everything Valentine’s Day related, and heart-shaped glasses are no exception. They may only protect your eyes and not your heart, but they are beyond adorable. And apparently I am not alone in my infatuation – I have compiled a bunch of celebs sporting these cute frames. Which… More »

Fresh Starts And Summer Hearts Weekly Photo Diary!

I’ve been doing lots of the things that make me happy like… going to the beach + seeing concerts. Life finally slowed down for a minute, so I got a chance to really enjoy my week. Saw Red Hot Chilli Peppers 7th row! Beach, events, a fun birthday party and last night my fav new… More »

Hot Summer Bikinis!

So summer is in full effect and to celebrate I decided to create this gallery of cute bathing suits. I love colorful bathing suits, sparkles and cute patterns. Are you soaking up the sun this summer? I can’t wait to go shopping for some new bikinis! Which of these bikinis would you rock?

Soak Up The Sun – Weekly Fashion Inspiration

With summer just around the corner.. It’s time to get inspired for the hot weather! From cut-offs to flower crowns.. Lets do this summer up! xoxo

The Cutest Bikinis Ever!

It’s official Swoon + I have booked our next adventure! After all the craziness that was the ANTS in my bed in thailand, I went ahead and planned a super sexy vacation for us! We are heading to Mexico + there is a jacuzzi on our balcony! Food! no bugs! plus tons of time for… More »

BTK App – Video #28

Tom: Tornado on the sun A tremendous tornado whirling across the surface of the sun was captured by a NASA satellite recently an amazing wonder of the solar system that may be as big as the Earth itself. The video was recorded by the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), a sun-watching satellite that has transmitted a… More »

The 13th Anniversary Of The Ultimate Britney’s Fan – 13 Moments I Would Like To Share With Brit

Here I am again with another blog dedicated to my Queen, Miss Britney Spears. This is the number 10 and October 24th is around the corner, so my travel…

Total Inspiration: Look like the SUN

Wonderful vocalist of Ukrainian band SunSay – SUN. I love all what he does. His music is indescribably beautiful. He totally inspires me at all: in outlook on life,music,style..And he is the future sensei.


I just had to post this one even though it has pink sun spots in it. I used my camera that doesn’t have a filter on it but I still loved how the whole sky is filled with a giant sunburst : ) View in full size original and please check out my previous photo… More »

New Zodiac Sign Effing Everything Up For Everyone

When is a Scorpio NOT a Scorpio?

Well, apparently, when the Grand Pooh-bah of Astrology announces you’re not a Scorpio anymore.

Okay, I’m kidding about the Grand Pooh-bah of Astrology stuff, but I’m NOT kidding about the…

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