Women Have a Voice

I understand this is long, but please read it. I have a very valid point. Girls, this is for you. Please read all of it before decided whether you agree with me, or not. And keep an open mind.

A few months ago, my grandma showed me an article she found in the newspaper about women’s rights. The article mentioned many things that, at the time, I thought were completely untrue. It said we’re being opressed, and that we’re only used for our bodies.

I didn’t start REALLY thinking about it until right now. That article was very true. If I can get a hold of it, I’ll put it up here somewhere.

Think about it; women aren’t as respected as they should be. I remembered they mentioned Michelle Tractenberg, and how she was excited to be on the cover of Maxim. Maxim: a magazine which shows women “exposed.” They said she’s very talented and smart, yet she was excited to be featured in her bra and other undergarments on the cover of a trashy magazine?

So I looked up the cover, and here it is:

Why, on earth, would she ever want to be photographed like that? It doesn’t seem unusual for women to show their bras, and other intimate clothing, but think about it. A bra and panties are supposed to be HIDDEN, and yet it’s acceptable for young women like Tractenberg to take pictures like this for a magazine.

I don’t understand our society. Girls are getting sluttier and sluttier, and are taught to look pretty by decorating ourselves with make-up and cute clothes. We’re taught to be these brainless, skinny, pretty bodies, with no independent thought or anything.

I certainly do not want to become this. I’m not saying stop dressing the way you do or wearing make-up or anything. But I’m saying do it because YOU want to. Because you like to. Do it because it makes you feel comfortable. Don’t do it because it’s “in,” or everyone else is. It really isn’t appropriate. Why are we letting men mold us into these false images? Why do we let ourselves be opressed? We are not just bodies.

As I was thinking about this, I realized our societies really are changing. One of my friends and I like to go on chatroulette together. When she slept over one night, of course we went on. There were all these guys, asking to see our boobs and all this crap. Is that all we are? Some entertainment? They won’t try to have a conversation, or tell us how smart we are. Or how pretty we are. They ask for us to lift up our shirts.

What made it even worse was my friend said to me “I just don’t feel confortable doing this infront of you. If you weren’t here, I totally would.” WHAT!? You would flash come random stranger? Some 30 year old loser with nothing better to do with his time than get young girls to flash him? You would flash him!? And you think that’s acceptable?!

I really don’t understand how this happened. I know, it’s the human body. It’s not something scandelous, but we should still have respect for ourselves. Why are we going to have sex with men, just because they want to? Why are we going to flash random strangers on the internet, because they wanted us to? Because they don’t value our minds, just our bodies. Why are women who are paper thin seen as being beautiful? Why does size matter? Why?

I also see a lot of young girls turning into these robots, these mindless robots.

Noah Cyrus is an example. Look at the picture below:

I am in now way hating on her, but look at her. Why does such a young girl need to wear so much make-up? Why is she wearing so much make-up! And here’s a picture of her complete outfit:

Why on earth is such a young girl wearing a skin-tight mini-dress and knee-high boots? She’s far too young for this show girl costume. Why have we made it acceptable for women to look like this? For young girls to dress like this, and look like this. And have no one question it. Why is this okay? Why didn’t her parents tell her to change? Why does she not have respect in herself?

Now, there’s a difference between not caring what people think of you, and having respect in yourself. It’s fine if you wear what you like, and you don’t care what others think about you. But have enough respect for yourself to dress appropriately.

Girls, you are not just a body. You are not just a face. You are not entertainment. You are not a toy. You are more than that. You are a person. You have feelings. Emotions. A mind. An opinion. Thoughts. Ideas. Habits. Flaws. Perfections. We need to see the flaws in our society.

Women are being rewarded for dressing in tight, revealing clothes. And not having opinions. Do not let this escalate. Let’s show the world we are not useless, we can accomplish so much. Let’s show the world we are not just bodies. We are people. And we deserve to be treated with respect.

Let’s be less like this. (Please note: I love Taylor Momsen. I’m not dissing her in anyway.)

If you agree with me, and believe we CAN be more than just a body, please reblog. Please help spread the word that our society needs to change. The next generation of young girls need our help to bring them into a world inwhich they are truely appreciated for their thoughts and actions, rather than their appearances.