You May Say I’m A Dreamer

Happy Tattoo Tuesday! This collection of tattoos is something I’d never thought I would ever get on me, but the consideration is growing deep inside me. When I went back to my home town over Easter, we stopped at this cute little store in Gatlinburg, TN looking for salt water taffy. As I wondered around,… More »

Jessi Jae Joplin For The Silver Factory April 2013 Lookbook

Check out these awesome photos from the April 2013 lookbook I shot for one of my most favorite brands, The Silver Factory. The Silver Factory is an eclectic lifestyle brand dedicated to inspiring people through unique designs, creativity, and cultural understanding. Not only are their graphic tee’s super comfortable, but they also portray a positive… More »

Maroon 5 Wants To Feature You In Their Next Video!

Maroon 5 wants to hear your story! The band is calling out to their U.S. fans to help them create a music video for “Daylight,” the next single off their album, Overexposed. Lead singer Adam Levine, believes your voice is important and to be featured in the new video, all you have to do is… More »


WEEKLY WIN: RAVERS As many of you already know, I’m getting massive amounts of inspiration for my new stuff from the rave culture. Not so much as it is today but what it used to be when it was in full bloom in the early 90’s. I’ve had some friends who are actually responsible for… More »

Photo Diary: Mexico

Guys! I finally went through the pictures from Mexico City. Let the photo blog begin.


The first day we were there I dragged my dad to La Lagunilla, a market which apparently is not the type…

9/11 10 Year Anniversary

9/11 10 Year Anniversary

On September 11th, 2001, 4 passenger jets crashed by the force of terrorism. The twin world trade centers were each hit with planes, a…

Women Have a Voice

I understand this is long, but please read it. I have a very valid point. Girls, this is for you. Please read all of it before decided whether you agree with me, or not. And…

Vintage Fashion and Live Music: Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk

This past Thursday I attended the Downtown LA Art Walk! The Art Walk is a monthly showcase and celebration of the best galleries, artists, photography, restaurants, bars, shops and businesses…

Clip-in Hair Extentions: ARTIFICIAL vs. REAL


When dealing with extensions, which is better to purchase: ARTIFICIAL or REAL?

(NOTE: ‘Artificial hair extentsions’ may also be called ‘Synthetic hair extentsions)

Personally, I prefer REAL because they’re easier to manage. And if you have…

Hair Update


As of June, this is what my hair looks like. Hopefully bleaching it this week.

Kelly Eden: Model


Kelly Eden

Kelly Eden is an alternative model, with bright pink hair and amazing art skills. She has a great personality, and has appeared in numerous Tattoo magazines, and is famous for her work…

Got Bleach?


Got Bleach?

Dark hair. Bleached pieces. Short haircuts. Care to join the craze?

Try experimenting with bleach. For DIY bleaching, I strongly suggest purchasing:

Platinum blonde (i.e. white blonde): Raw White-Out Kit Vol. 40 ($12.99 at Hot Topic)


A Tribute to Japan

With all of the madness going on in Japan, we felt compelled to create a gallery paying homage to this magnificent country and ancient culture. So, we created a gallery of all the beautiful and important creations Japan has given the world and that inspire us everyday, whether we realize it or not. Has anything… More »

Report: There Are Drugs In Hollywood

We knew that it was only a matter of time before a news organization with Us Weekly’s vast investigative resources would finally marshal the courage to finally expose Hollywood’s Drug Problem, a social scourge that… from

Handbags Now Aiming To Out-Hideous The Starlets Who Will Inevitably Own Them

Radar has devoted an entire feature to highlighting the screen-horror inspirations for some of the truly monstrous handbags currently rolling off designer production lines–a clever designer’s trick, which, not unlike the slimming effect of vertical… from

Three Of Your Favorite 80s Sitcom Stars On How To Tell You’re Really In Love

In the interest of easing our way into this Friday morning (sssssh, please don’t speak above a whisper until about noon), we’d like to share the Fast Hugs blog’s excavation of this vitally important cultural…

More Halloween Costume Ideas: Borat At The Beach

Yesterday, we offered you some helpful Halloween costume ideas based on your favorite mother/daughter celebrity tag-teams, but we recognize that many revelers prefer to express their sartorial creativity in a more individual way. So allow… from

End Credits

Our friends at Franklin Ave. blog found this YouTube compilation of photos of noteworthy graves around LA. Beyond capturing the final resting places of many beloved celebrities who have long ago moved along towards the…


These are all celebrities that I find to be inspirational, or that I just like. Also, please note that I DID NOT take any of the pictures displayed in this gallery, unless stated otherwise.

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