Why is Kat Von D’s Hair Falling Out?

This has been one stressful year for Kat Von D: from her breakup (then make-up!) with Jesse James to the cancellation of her TLC show LA Ink, there’s no doubt that Kat is under a lot of pressure. One more stressor for her to worry about: the 29-year-old tattoo artist is reportedly losing her hair due to stress, reports RadarOnline.

“Kat totally has bald spots and it’s from stress,” a source reveals to RadarOnline. “It’s worse than anyone her age should have.”

“The combination of all the treatments she does to her hair and stress have finally caught up with her. She’s started ordering wigs along with the hair pieces and extensions she already uses,” the source adds.

“I feel really bad for her because the bald spots are horrible,” the source said. “The stress of losing her hair is only stressing her out more and making it worse!”

Sad! Pretty sure the combination of stress and dying her hair isn’t helping either. Poor Kat – just one more thing to stress out about!

What advice would you give Kat Von D to help her cope with her stress?