Wait… Who’s Hosting the VMAs?

With the 2011 MTV VMAs just days away, it’s a little suspect that nowhere can you find the name of the host of Sunday’s show. Could it possibly be because they just haven’t found one yet?

Yesterday Billboard posted an interview with Amy Doyle, the executive producer of the awards show and MTV executive VP for Music and Talent. When asked by Billboard about the hosting situation, she replied:

“It’s going down to the wire. Hosting is such a unique element. We feel we got it right by putting new talent on the stage like Chelsea (Handler) and Russell (Brand). We’re really challenging ourselves to find the right person so that the show feels complete.”

After that statement followed an excited flurry of guesses on who the last-minute host would be. But alas, it has been reported today that MTV has confirmed that there will be NO HOST this year.

Despite the lack of a host, there are sure to be some interesting moments, with great performances, tributes, unveiling of the Hunger Games movie, and much, much more.

Be sure to tune in to MTV this Sunday at 9pm ET/PT!

How do you feel about the VMAs not having a host this year? Who would YOU like to see host the VMAs?