10 Most Crazy, Over-the-Top VMA Moments

It’s that time of the year again: the MTV Video Music Awards! More commonly known as the VMAs, this awards show is arguably the most eventful and entertaining event of the year. Throughout the years the VMAs have been notorious for some of the most over-the-top moments in history, including Kid Rock and Tommy Lee brawling, Britney, Christina, and Madonna smooching, and Kanye West stealing poor Taylor Swift’s spotlight. With Lady Gaga opening the show, who knows what crazy, over-the-top shenanigans will happen this year!

In honor of this weekend’s VMAs, here are 10 of the most over-the-top moments in VMA history:

1. Nirvana Bassist Almost Knocks Self Out With Guitar (1992)

Rock on! Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic was rocking hard – so hard in fact, he almost knocked himself out in the face with his guitar in a passionate performance of the band’s song “Lithium.”

2. Michael Jackson Kisses Lisa Marie Presley (1994)

Awkward then, awkward now. It shouldn’t really have been that awkward since they WERE married back then, but the kiss between Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley was oddly very strange – and very awkward!

3. The Odd Couple: Martha Stewart and Busta Rhymes (1997)

In the most ‘unexpected friendship’ news, Martha Stewart and Busta Rhymes walked the red carpet at the ’97 VMAs and presented the Spice Girls with a VMA. Apparently Martha told Busta backstage “I could teach you how to sew.”

4. Diana Ross Cops a Feel on Lil Kim (1999)

Lil Kim hangs out in a sequined dress, with just a pasty on one of her twins. Legendary singer Diana Ross can’t keep her hands to herself as she joins Lil Kim and Mary J Blige.

5. Britney Spears Strips Down (2000)

Remember when Britney Spears was a wholesome sweetheart? It’s okay, most people don’t. The 18-year-old popstar shocked fans and parents alike when she stripped down to a skimpy nude colored top and matching skin-tight pants in her 2000 performance. The rest, they say, is history!

6. Rage Against the Machine Bassist Crashes Limp Bizkit’s Acceptance Speech

“Hey, how’s it hangin’?” Probably not exactly what Rage Against the Machine‘s Tim Commerford was thinking when he climbed the scaffolding onstage while Limp Bizkit was giving their acceptance speech for Best Rock Video (which RATM lost).

7. Britney, Madonna, and Christina: The Big Kiss (2003)

As the Killers sing, “It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss!” That is, a kiss that made headlines around the world. One thing more priceless than this kiss? The look on Britney’s then-recent ex Justin Timberlake‘s face!

8. R. Kelly Performs “Trapped in a Closet” (2005)

Funny enough, of all the performances the VMAs has ever seen, R. Kelly’s “Trapped” performance could be by far the strangest! No words for this…

9. OK Go Work Out… Er, Perform “Here It Goes Again” (2006)

Viral sensations OK Go perform their song, complete with a synchronized treadmill dance – becoming the spokesmen for gym memberships everywhere!

10. Kid Rock vs. Tommy Lee: The Fight and K.O. (2007)

Kid Rock punched Tommy Lee while in the audience at the 2007 awards show. Tommy was the one asked to leave (even though Kid Rock punched him first), but Kid Rock got what was coming to him: a citation for misdemeanor battery. Gee, wonder if the fight was about Pamela Anderson?

Which one of these is the MOST over-the-top moment? Which crazy moment is your favorite? Who would you want to see do something crazy at this year’s VMAs?