It’s Ok, We Can Stop Filming ‘Leave Patrick Stump Alone’ VLogs

As anybody who knows me will know, I’m quite a big Patrick Stump fan. I’m also quite a big Fall Out Boy fan. Therefore I was quite concerned to see a certain series of tweets the other night…

…but whilst it may have seemed upsetting to read that certain Fall Out Boy ‘fans’ had less than kind words to say about Stump’s latest music, it’s clearly not a valid reflection of his current popularity. It looks like the hashtag of #NoHateForStump was a little premature as today brought along a much more positive tweet from @PatrickStump:

That’s right, Patrick Stump is in the charts (well, kinda). Clearly those who downloaded “This City” for free liked what they heard, and went on to the buy the EP. We can only hope they do the same with Soul Punk (which finally comes out October 18th). We’re sure he’s having some celebratory drinks on tour (or perhaps congratulatory lasagna).

Of course, this doesn’t mean all those who were rude about his new material suddenly downloaded his mini-album, but that doesn’t matter. I’m sorry to break it you guys but it’s just not the time to do a Chris Crocker – so no documentary for you, I’m afraid!