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It’s Ok, We Can Stop Filming ‘Leave Patrick Stump Alone’ VLogs

As anybody who knows me will know, I’m quite a big Patrick Stump fan. I’m also quite a big Fall Out Boy fan. Therefore I was quite concerned to see a certain series of…

10 Documentaries We’d Watch Before The Upcoming Chris Crocker Film

Apparently, there is a documentary on the way about Chris Crocker.  You know, the “Leave Britney Alone!” guy?  And no, this is not a parody or a joke, trust me, I sat through the…

Britney Spears’ Old Manager Wants Drug Tests

…And we thought we were rid of him! Remember Britney Spears‘ shady manager/BFF Sam Lutfi who was a bad influence on her and was said to be the instigator of her…

love it, live it, suck it

watch this over and over

Brit Fan’s 15 Minutes Live On

Filed under: Wacky and Weird, Britney Chris Crocker, the crazed Britney fan whose YouTube plea has been passed around the Internet more times than the Paris sex tape, is now taking his act to the small screen. He’s a human!44 Blue Productions has inked the “star” (?) to a… from

The hairflip!

Chris Crocker is funny.

This or that

Chris crocker is funny as hell

Cussin’ crybaby

Haha this is funny lol

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