★ Miss Britney Spears ★ Scary [FANMADE VIDEO]

READ, PLEASE! 🙂 WATCH IN HD Finally this is the first video in HD, thanks God, yesterday I found the right tutorial here on YT for to edit HD videos and I’m so happy about this, because I tried a lot of times following the advices to the other video tutorials but without results. So, what to say about this video? Well, I really love this song, it’s one of my fav bonus track about Britney and I used the main vocal mix, the sound is a little bit different because there is the studio version + the demo version mixed together! As first HD video I’m so proud because I love the editing and how the clips combine with the music and the beat! This video is dedicated to my 45 subscribers and my 180 friends on YT, thank you so much for the support! And also to all my friends here on Buzznet! Tell me what you think about the video in the comments below, if you don’t like it, don’t watch it, don’t comment and choose something else! xoxo