Cool Meet And Great Photos / Britney’s Fan Story

It’s amazing how Britney touches so many people she’s never met. Here’s a cool story of a big fan meeting Britney backstage and getting some cool photos of/with her:

I’d love to pretend that meeting Britney Spears was just an average Saturday night for me, but I’m afraid that the huge smile on my face days later would say otherwise. You’re probably wondering how I ended up backstage at her concert and it’s crazy because my husband is actually friends with her dad, Jamie Spears…

My husband JH has been great friends with Ricky Carmichael, nicknamed in the sports world as the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time) of Motocross and Supercross, for years now. If you’re not too familiar with the MX/SX sport, check out the site I did for Ricky to get more scoop. We actually all go way back – I met Ricky, his then girlfriend Ursula (my good bud) and JH the same night exactly 10 years ago this month. Since then my husband and I were in their wedding, they were in mine, and we’ve had so many good times in between, but this night may be one of the best!

Turns out, Ricky, has quite the fan base, and one of his biggest fans happens to be Jamie. He loves to hit the races every chance he gets, which isn’t as often as he’d like. My husband is also Ricky’s manager, so they’ve all become pretty good buds at the races.

Last week, Jamie called to see if we were going to meet up with him for dinner and Britney’s Jacksonville show. We all assumed that meant dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and possibly good parking and good seats lol. What her dad, also her concert manager, really meant was a tour backstage, a tour of what they call “the under world” under the stage of the small dressing rooms for quick changes between songs, dinner backstage with Britney’s security and dancers, autographed Femme Fatale books, and an intro to everyone you’ve ever seen around Britney on TV including Larry Rudolph, Felicia Culotta, and Jason Traywick. Jason was with us most of the night cracking jokes, but I had no idea it was him because he was so dang nice and normal. I always recognize him by his amazing hair, but he was wearing a hat and glasses lol.

When we were eating dinner with Jamie, he was making arrangments with security for us to meet Britney. We told him that we didn’t want to bother her and that he’s done so much for us already, but the security guard chimed in with, “Britney’s said she’s excited to meet her daddy’s idol”! Jamie really wanted to get a pic with Britney and Ricky, who he referred to as his idol. My bud??? His idol??? How cool is that???

If there was any sort of back stage scoop to kiss and tell, I’d never go there – but it was all so so good! Britney is back, beautiful, and better than ever! I can’t even explain what it feels like to be standing there with her dad, her security starting to gather at the door, and knowing that one of the biggest superstars of our time was about to walk through it. She was so tiny and so sweet and promptly blamed my friend for her dad’s love of motorcycles lol. She talked about her kids for a little bit and it was hard to believe that not only did she exist without a camera and TV between us, but that she is a real down to earth, and shockingly shy without a mic in her hand, girl. I can’t say enough good things about her and her tour family. Britney is surrounded by a lot of good people that love her and they all work so hard to entertain us.

The VIP treatment didn’t end there. Jamie walked us over to seats right behind the sound stage and we watched the show with him and Jason. If you’ve never been to a Britney Spears concert, it is a must see! That girl dances her ass off from beginning to end and puts on an amazing show! Before she came out, there was a giant sound system blasting her music and two giant TVs that countdown to her arrival on stage. She teased everyone for the longest time at the end of a runway before dancing down it making the crowd go crazy! About mid-way through her show, she somehow got my friend up on stage, a full on set up by her dad, for a “burlesque style” dance that involved a pole and handcuffs lol. What an amazingly fun night that I’ll never forget.

Our night ended with Jamie and Jason thanking us for coming, rushing off to meet Britney as she was lowered into the “under world”, and a security escort all the way to our car lol. I wish I had more pics for you, but we didn’t want to be disrespectful by snapping photos backstage, and like my bud Ursula said, “sometimes you just gotta hang on to the mental images” .