10 Documentaries We’d Watch Before The Upcoming Chris Crocker Film

Apparently, there is a documentary on the way about Chris Crocker. You know, the “Leave Britney Alone!” guy? And no, this is not a parody or a joke, trust me, I sat through the trailer just WAITING for the punchline.

So, Bree and I sat down and complied a list of 10 documentaries we’d rather sit through before Me at the Zoo: The Chris Crocker Story.

Bottling: The Story Of People Who Go To Concerts For Bands They Hate

The Inside Story of the Worldwide Sunburn Peeling Championships

Rags: The Plight of the One-Legged Homing Pigeon

How Do Tom Cruise’s Bowels Work?

Keeping up with the Kardashian’s Twitter Feed: a Social Media Fan Love Story

The Sad, True Story of the Tiny Cowboy Hat

Fluffy – The Life of an Upper Eastside Poodle


The Anti-Social Network: 2.5 Hours of Watching Someone Play on Facebook

Paint Drying: The Extended Director’s Cut

Are you interested in seeing a Chris Crocker documentary? Or would you rather join Bree and I for movie night?