My Top 10 Of Britney’s Outfits & Accessories (June 2011)

June has been for Britney the month of the come back on stage, with her new Femme Fatale Tour, and of course, all the chart (or almost) is dedicated to her costumes but June has been also the month of “I Wanna Go” world premiere video and in 2 weeks it’s been already seen 15 million of times… Shame on the others xD

So this is my top 10 of Britney’s Outfits & Accessories of June!

I have to say, it’s been one of the most difficult charts all over those 6 months…


At #10 we find a casual Britney who goes at the kindergarten for take Sean’s diploma. She’s very sweet and I really love the combination of those sober tons in the hoodie and in the boots (they are to kill for) and in that simple long dress. She’s a really cute mommy!


Silver boots, sunnies, hat and white coat for “3” performance. The first time ever that Britney sings this catchy song on tour. The crowd was waiting for 3 years. Maybe it was a connection and it was a wanted thing?


The show starts and Britney turns on the stage with her first single of this new era and the result it’s epic. White body with sparkly decoration, silver boots and a fabolous sequin jacket. Would you hold it against her if she’s so sexy?


Egyptian moment for “Boys” and “Gimme More”. This last one is the most waited performance and a total golden Britney dances in a seductive way for all the audience. It’s Britney Bi*ch!


Britney turns in Marylin during a new and really cool “If U Seek Amy” version, in cabaret styles. Dancers turn in paparazzi and Britney dances on a platform in all her beauty.


Flesh toned with black laced decoration for this sexy body with coordinated muffs. The perfect mise for an overwhelming lap dance for a lucky fan during “Lace & Leather


Rider style for Britney in her first success and never bored “Baby One More Time” that it’s always so fresh in every her tour, with new beats. In “S&M“, “Trouble 4 Me“, “Burnin’ Up” and “Womanizer” Britney takes off jacket and hat and showed a beautiful purple bra and dance one the motorcycle and on a giant guitar. Let’s get crazy!


Deserved third place for “I Wanna Go” style. Love so much those tight jeans and that mouse skeleton top to a side, and to the other the white studded jacket, the colorful bra, the fluffy black skirt plus those awesome studded boots. Britney in this video showed one more time her sexy and cute side with a deserved: “F**K YOU” to the media who has always something wrong to say to her.


Second place for this asymmetric sparkly black dress for “Till The World Ends“. It defines Britney’s body and it rends her more beautiful than the usual. There’s nothing to say more!


I think the first place goes to this wonderful kimono worn for “Toxic” performance. The colors are so bright and black is a great contrast for the whole figure. I really love the Britney’s stylize portrait in one of the baggy sleeves. Britney is a perfect geisha, isn’t she?

Which is your fav outfit over here?