Modern Kimono Inspo

Over the last year or so, the fashion world has taken inspiration from traditional kimonos and modernized them for today’s fashionistas. You’ve probably seen them in stores like ASOS, Nastygal, TopShop and more. Whether they’re boho fringe style, floral, short or long, they’re all making a serious wave in spring fashion trends. Here are some… More »

52 Kimonos To Get You Through Spring, Summer and Festival Season

The kimono trend is in full effect! These are the perfect go to look for festivals or even covering up on the beach. I love the variation of prints and colors on all of these; it’s so simple and easy to throw a kimono on and boom now your outfit is complete. Take a look… More »

Izabel Goulart for Cia Maritima Summer 2013

Izabel Goulart for Cia Maritima Summer 2013 (Part 1)

My Top 10 Of Britney’s Outfits & Accessories (June 2011)

June has been for Britney the month of the come back on stage, with her new Femme Fatale Tour, and of course, all the chart (or almost) is dedicated to her costumes but June has…

A Tribute to Japan

With all of the madness going on in Japan, we felt compelled to create a gallery paying homage to this magnificent country and ancient culture. So, we created a gallery of all the beautiful and important creations Japan has given the world and that inspire us everyday, whether we realize it or not. Has anything… More »

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