What’s Your Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream?

According to a recent call made to the Psychic Friends Network, I was recently told that today is National Ice Cream Day. My Psychic Friends wouldn’t lie to me so obviously, this must be a true fact. Naturally, I turned to Google to find out if this was so and guess what? The internet doesn’t lie! Ever!

The internet tells me that National Ice Cream Day is held every third Sunday in July. This month is super long, so thank goodness that there is a tasty treat day right in the middle of it.

Let’s take a look at some delicious treats from people you know here on Buzznet. Go and check out their treats and let them know how jealous you are that you weren’t able to taste these nom nomz.

These are from Nonoi. I want them! The one in the middle looks like a shake. They all look delishuz.

Cream Puffs make my tummy puffy! This is from ChromeEyelids.

CocoWildFox lets her mew mew have some chocolate swirl ice cream.

Rhianna knows what she’s doing when it comes to make mouth watering treats.

GummiBears makes an oreo cookie earthquake and now there is a rumble in my tum tum.

SammyScribble draws up some summer treats.

All these ice cream creations make me want to leave my house and hunt down some flavors. Which of these do you like? Do you have your own ice cream creations that you think can beat these? Share with us your favorite ways to eat this perfect summer delight in the comments!