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Let’s All Scream For Ice Cream For Breakfast Day!

Today is Ice Cream For Breakfast Day! Yes, we’re serious. Just who do we have to thank for this glorious, and rather delicious, celebration? Rochester, NY’s Florence Rappaport! If you’re interested in learning more, read here. Until the next yummy food holiday, enjoy this delicious gallery of ice cream inspiration! You know you want some!

Ever Wish Broccoli Tasted Like Ice Cream? Now It Can, See How Here!!

Have you ever eaten something and wished it was something else, like Brussel sprouts and wished it was ice cream?? Well you don’t have to dream anymore, the answer to your prayers is finally here!!…


No breakup, birthday, “time of the month” will ever be the same soon thanks to Ben & Jerry’s…

They are coming out with a NEW ice cream line “CORE” basically it has…


I was driving through Huntington on Wednesday and got stuck in traffic right in front of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Shop. I had just enough time to get 2 photos through my passenger side window and these people never knew I was taking the photo !!! Ben & Jerry grew up on Long Island… More »


Carvel is so related to New York since Tom Carvel the founder came from upstate NY. He also lived for a time on Long Island and played golf with my first father in law !!! They belonged to the same golf club. His ice cream was always so delicious and it still is, this store… More »

Dippin’ Dots Files for Bankruptcy, The Future Is a Lie

In our future, we were promised flying cars, jet packs, moon amusement parks and flash frozen ice cream.

And now the future is ruined.

Because the company behind Dippin’ Dots, the ice cream of the future, <a…

What’s Your Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream?

According to a recent call made to the Psychic Friends Network, I was recently told that today is National Ice Cream Day. My Psychic Friends wouldn’t lie to me so obviously, this must be a…

Häagen-Dazs + Free Cone Day = AWESOME!!!

Today is free cone day at Häagen-Dazs®!!! This is one of my favorite ice cream brands because it tastes so much smoother than any other ice cream -it’s almost…


FROM CONCRETE LOOP Celebrity piercing artist Jason Murray sent this photo of rapper Gucci Mane and his new face tattoo of an ice cream cone. The popular rapper stopped by Tenth Street Tattoo in Atlanta on Wednesday afternoon (January 12) and got the ink done by artist/owner Shane Willoughby. Gucci made news recently when it… More »

Photo Diary Goodbye Lala Land


QOTD – What’s Your Favorite Kind Of Ice Cream?

I LIKE ICE CREAM. It is good. It comes in many flavours. Sometimes when it is hot, I like to get ice cream in a cone and then it doesn’t make me feel so hot.


we’re twins now :D

my new family, Diva & Ice Cream

new tattoos: I love sugar!

tattoos done by Dan Smith @ High Voltage

ICE CREAM music video

filmed in Thailand.. so fucking fierce!

Jeffree Star in training..

Amazon reviews…ICE CREAM?

Yeah, you read that right.

So, tonight at the grocery store, I’m pursuing the Ben and Jerry’s for something that looks good.  It was 2 for $7…so obviously I had to buy 2.  That’s how it…

ice cream meltdown


I kinda have the best body art.. haha I got this today! done by Patrick Cornolo in Chicago all my tattoos are COPYRIGHTED and custom so if anyone copies them, I’ll personally bite them off with my fucking diamond teeth =)

Americone Dream

I have Americone Dream Ice Cream. It is crack, and filled with truthiness. Apparently truthiness tastes like caramel. The hat is to protect my anonymity. Also, to keep people away from my brain. My superpower of being excessively emo and angry doesn’t seem like it would be in high demand, but you never know!

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