Exclusive: Taylor Momsen Reveals Her Secret Talent, Ideal Tour Mates and More

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Taylor Momsen, former Gossip Girl and lead singer of The Pretty Reckless,just turned 18 and can officially break free from parental control and continue doing all the bad-ass things she was probably doing before officially becoming an adult. And by the way, Taylor shares her b-day with Buzznet’s Style Editor-at-Large, Miss Audrey Kitching!

We sat down with The Pretty Reckless frontwoman while she was in Los Angeles promoting her band’s debut album Light Me Up. TayMom took us to her favorite LA hangout… a hidden away hotel that’s so top secret we can’t even share the name. We discussed just how she gets her signature smokey eye, her shopping secrets, and her ideal tourmate. She also reveals her hidden artistic talent and you’ll never guess what it is! Check out more photos, a funny story from TayMom’s manager and behind the scenes info from Buzznet’s day with Taylor here!

Since then, the rocker has been keeping busy. Even though she isn’t joining this year’s Warped Tour, Taylor has been touring the world, sharing her music and shocking stage antics. Recently, Taylor performed with at the Tuborg Festival in Germany with 30 Seconds to Mars. Prior to that, TayMom stunned her audience in Spain when she gave a lap dance to a half-dressed crowd member onstage. Upcoming: a few November dates with Evanescence in the UK.

What’s next for Taylor now that she’s legal? We’ll have to wait and see!


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