GIF Shop: The iPhone App for Making GIFS/Magic

The iPhone pretty much has an app for everything. There are apps for things like finding your soulmate, scanning barcodes for Skynet, and now, thanks to GIF Shop, for making GIFS.

Mind you, this app isn’t for making gifs of your favorite television moments and what not. I know, I also have a deep ache in my heart as well. This app is basically a stop motion animation creator that works by taking photos with your phone.

It even has a “ghost” image of your previous shot so that you can frame things correctly and decide where your next shot should be. You can also upload things to the Land of GIFS, aka Tumblr, right from your phone.

I have made some examples for you to see:

The Beginning of the End of Tofu Boy

Pony Acquired

It’s pretty easy to use and you can take a hecka bunch of frames for your images. You can also slow or speed up the time of your frames right on the app. It’s awesome.

These come from my Tumblr. If you aren’t following me on Tumblr, that’s okay. You will only be missing the magic that I create with this fun-tastical app.