Tracy Morgan & The ‘How To Backpedal’ Post

I am a little late to the Tracy Morgan drama. If you haven’t heard, the comedian (I use that term loosely) and star of the TV show 30 Rock, said some rather unsavory things about gay people, being bullied, so on and so forth. Read what has people up in arms here.

Morgan has also issued an apology of sorts. You can read some of those highlights here.

I get that Tracy Morgan is a comedian and that pushing people’s buttons is what those people are supposed to do. I also get that comedy is used to joke about things that we normally don’t joke about but you know what? Some jokes just aren’t funny. Sometimes I just don’t want to hear that you’ll stab your son if he talks in a “gay voice.”

At first, I thought that maybe I was being too sensitive to the subject at hand but in all reality, YOU DON’T GET TO TELL ME WHAT I CAN & CAN’T BE UPSET ABOUT. In the same way that Morgan is free to express his feelings, I am free to voice mine. This isn’t the first time that Morgan has blasted gay people. He has also said in previous comedic bits that “being gay was a choice” during a Carnegie Hall performance in 2009 in which people walked out.

Obviously people are going to talk about this. People are going to tear apart anything that anyone of note is going to say for the sheer fact that those people are in the public eye. Do you think that people are scrutinizing this incident too much? Is there ever an appropriate time to mock various sub groups of people to make a point? Do you think that Tracy Morgan really is actually apologetic, or do you just think that the only reason he issued any sort of apology is because people became outraged?

What are your thoughts?