Hey!!! Today I want to show you my new lyrics, called “I Know You”. I wanted to write something about today’s world as you know I’m a fragile girl and I…

Cartoon Network Censors ‘Adventure Time’ Recap Video

A bunch of cartoons have used homosexual subtext as a punchline.  And apparently, that’s FINE.

However, if a show sincerely hints at a possible same sex attraction between two characters, and frankly discusses it, that’s NOT.


Tracy Morgan & The ‘How To Backpedal’ Post

I am a little late to the Tracy Morgan drama. If you haven’t heard, the comedian (I use that term loosely) and star of the TV show 30 Rock,…

Dear Lady Gaga: Baby You WEREN’T Born That Way

OKAY, OKAY, I’ve stated this throughout this blog, but because this has the chance to become a heated topic: this blog is a matter of my opinion.  I ask you to PLEASE read the whole…

ABC: Going the Extra Mile for Homophobia and Double Standards

So, in case you’ve been out of the loop, Adam Lambert, last year’s American Idol runner-up, performed at the American Music Awards, which were broadcast on ABC.  During the performance, the openly gay

Let’s Do It

Yeah, let’s just fucking do it.

No, not THAT.

And no, not “Fall in looooove!”  Though I do highly recommend the Joan Jett cover of that particular song.  Look it up, it was used in the Tank…




This is an absolute abomination and the fact that these people can claim they are doing “God’s work” in this situation makes me violently ill.  To put your own disgusting…

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