My Top 10 Chart – May 2011

I’ve been a little bit in late about this blog, but I have no time in those days because on Monday I have an exam and then because Buzznet wasn’t working for a while, by the way… this is my top 10 chart of songs for the past month. I have to say that it’s been really difficult to choose only 10 songs, because I listened a lot of new ones especially about Italian ones so in this chart you will find a lot of Italian songs about my fav Italian artists and I think this is also a great way to show you also the artists of my country.

10. Love Victory – Ne Yo

Ne Yo is the king of the r’n’b and every song of him is a real masterpiece in my opinion: there’s the ballad, there’s the more hip hop influence track, there’s a electro beat song… He experiments everything but I think when he writes ballads he shows his talent, this song is such amazing and can’t stop to listening

9. Paper Airplanes – JoJo

When I was a teenager I really love her first single “Leave (Get Out) and I listen it again and again, I think she is one of the few young artists who never get a swalled head, she always did her own and recorded her songs, and this is a fact I appreciate most in an artist and especially in a young artist. This song is really really cute and talk about love, I think this is the most romantic chart ever, because there are a lot of love songs, I advice this song to everyone had a broken heart for the end of a special love.

8. Questa estate strana – Zero Assoluto

Zero Assoluto (Absolute Zero) is a Italian duo: Matteo and Thomas. Those two boys started their career in 1995 but only in 2005 they had a huge success with “Semplicemente” (“Simply”) who stayed for 30 weeks in Italian charts in the same year. Thomas and Matteo are friends since high school. I really admire them because they are down on earth and they are really really nice, I’ve seen them a couple of time around the Italy and in my city during different events and festivals… I appreciate the fact they do what they like and they experiment new sound, this song is really different to the others and I love it for this, in English means: This weird summer and I think is the perfect summer song 😉

7. Papi – J.LO

Third single from new J.LO’s album “LOVE?” this is a really catchy song and the beat is amazing! As said the song: Move you body! You can’t stay without move your body because it’s simply impossible!!! I think LOVE? is J.LO’s best album ever, there are a lot of great songs and it will be the soundtrack of my summer with Britney’s Femme Fatale.

Can’t wait for the official video of this song, there’s a little sneak in I’m into you one and I’m so exicted to see the whole one!

6. Il Sole Di Domenica – Dolcenera

This is the new song of one of my fav Italian artist, Dolcenera (SweetBlack), her real name is Emanuela and she changed a lot her style since her beginning of the career… I started to follow her in 2009, with “Il Mio Amore Unico” (“My Only One Love”) that she sung during Sanremo Festival and from that moment I loved her. With “Il Sole Di Domenica” (“The Sun Of Sunday”) starts a new era, with new sounds, and I really love it! Her new album rocks and she is a great songwriter and composer over to be a great singer.

5. The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars

This song is really really funny and the video too xD the first time I saw it I was like: what the hell?! Hahaha Bruno you are so funny!!! The song is really simple and there’s nothing of complicated in the composition and for this thing is a hit, and I think is perfect to listen in the beach and I usually listen it when I won’t to do anything xp

4. Ubbidiro’ – Biagio Antonacci ft. Club Dogo

Biagio Antonacci is one of my two favorite Italian artists, second to Zucchero “Sugar” Fornaciari. As Sugar Fornaciari, I listen Biagio since I was really really young and I think his last album is his best ever and there’s also an amazing duet with Leona Lewis in “Inaspettata (Unexpected)” I advice to everyone to listen it!

In this song, Ubbidiro’ (I will obey) Biagio sings with an Italian rap group Club Dogo, I don’t know a lot about them but I like them in this song, I think rap melts so good with the beat and rhythm of the song.

3. Vittima – Moda’

Moral winners of last Sanremo Festival with Emma, Moda’ is having a great success in Italy and I’m really happy for them because they are a fantastic band and they merit all the success because they haven’t a good beginning of career, but from 2010 all changed. “Vittima” (Victim) is the fourth single of their new album (that recieved 4 platinum discs and it’s among the most sold albums in Italy) and the video is really funny because the guys think only to eat all good Italian dishes and don’t take a look to the beautiful girls around them xD The song talks about a girl victim of his boy who treat her in a way not too much good but he says that is the part she loves most.

2. Faster – Within Temptation

New Within Temptation’s album is based on a comic book and it’s simply amazing! Can’t wait to see them live in Milan in October, i’m waiting this moment for such a long time. This is their first single, and even though it’s been released a lot of time ago, it’s one of my hits of the moment. It’s catchy and makes me feel stronger!

1. Until it beats no more – J.LO

And this month has two J.LO’s songs, this is the best ever! I really reflect in it so much, it talks about my life and how Bill saved me and how much I love him and I will continue to love him unitl my heart beats no more! When I miss him more than usual, I listen this song again and again, I cry and then I feel me a little bit better. I hope it can be choose as fourth single.

Which’s your top 10 chart of May? Which are the songs do you listened more last month?