Tokio Hotel recieved 500.000 Euros for a 10-Minute-Performance

What a wicked fee! The German rock band Tokio Hotel took home half a million euros for a 10-minute appearance Friday evening in Moscow.

As have learned, the Russian TV-Chanel “MUZ TV” paid this record sum to the four musicans for three live songs in Russia’s biggest TV-Show.

The band and a 10-people crew flew also first class from LA, stayed in posh suites at the Ritz-Carlton and was served around the clock with the finest beluga caviar, lobster and vintage champagne.

During the last six months, Tokio Hotel had generally cancelled all inquiries for performances. For the luxury trip and the mega-fee Germany’s internationally successful rock band broke for the first time their self-imposed break from public.

What do you think about this news? Is it a too much huge amount for only three songs or are you agree about it?