Tokio Hotel: Some Things Never Change pt.2

In those years I notice a sweet fact about Tokio Hotel, in particular about poses and faces: in those years some habits continue to stay inside them and it’s so cute, check out some of them 😉

If you missed the first part, just click HERE

Above: Devilish Interview 2003; Below: Humanoid City Tour Inteview 2010
Look at Tom’s hands xD

Above: Interview in Paris, October 2009; Below: Muz Tv Awards Interview, June 2011

Above: Shooting 2007; Below: GQ Shooting, January 2010

Twins Moment

Left: Concert 2008; Right: MUZ TV AWARDS – June 2011

Tom on stage (same guitar too)

Left: Schrei Live Tour – Concert 2006; Right: Concert in Kuala Lumpur, August 2010

Above: Autograph 2005; Below: Dirty Talk With Tokio Hotel, Decemeber 2010