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Tokio Hotel: Some Things Never Change pt.2

In those years I notice a sweet fact about Tokio Hotel, in particular about poses and faces: in those years some habits continue to stay inside them and it’s so cute, check out some of…

Tokio Hotel recieved 500.000 Euros for a 10-Minute-Performance

What a wicked fee! The German rock band Tokio Hotel took home half a million euros for a 10-minute appearance Friday evening in Moscow.

As have learned, the Russian…

Tokio Hotel in Moscow for MUZ TV AWARDS (June 3rd, 2011) [RED CARPET & SHOW + PRESS CONFERENCE]

Finally they came on the red carpet

And this is the video made by me, sorry it’s in a really bad quality, btw Bill said that they are so happy…

Tokio Hotel @ MUZ TV AWARDS – RED CARPET (June 3rd 2011)

Im so sorry for the bad quality too Btw, Bill said that they are happy to be there and they love their fans and then they performing tonight during the show Imported from Uploads by BritneyIsFemmeFatale

Tokio Hotel in Moscow for MUZ TV AWARDS (June 3rd, 2011) + UPDATE


Tokio Hotel this morning had meet&greet with fans and firmed autographs outside the Ritz hotel.

Bill has a new piercing (the same of Tom on…

Tokio Hotel in Moscow for MUZ TV AWARDS (June 2nd, 2011) + UPDATE

It seems that Buzznet working again so finally I can post something I planned in those days, and coming soon I update my top 10 chart song of May.

But first…. this blog is dedicated to…

Tokio Hotel headliner at MUZ TV Awards 2011 confirmed (Russia)

This early morning (8AM) in Muz TV web site they posted an article saying that Tokio Hotel will attend to Muz TV Awards 2011 but just few minutes later they removed the article and said that today they will announce the headliner for the festival. And that’s it ! Tokio Hotel will attend and perform… More »

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