New Tomb Raider game trailer premiers at E3 2011

As some probably know, the gaming event of the year, E3, started today. The four day event is filled with press conferences from the big names in the gaming world such as Ubisoft, Microsoft and EA, and will treat gaming fans around the world to sneak peeks of up and coming gaming experiences.

I don’t know exactly when, I’m guessing it was during the Microsoft key-note speech some time today, but the very exciting new Tomb Raider trailer premiered around the world.

Oh dear LORDY I cannot be more excited!

Get a load of this, Tomb Raider fans! I think it’s due for release next year, and I cannot wait!

Next up, the big video for me will be the new Assassin’s Creed trailer. ~geeky excitement~

Any gamers out there? Are you following E3 & what are you most looking forward to?