Nathan from Allstar Weekend Drops Off Selena Gomez Tour

Yesterday, Allstar Weekend announced that they would be joining Selena Gomez on the road this summer…minus one member. Guitarist Nathan Darmody will not be touring with the group for unspecified personal reasons. The Hollywood Records signed band made this statement via their official Facebook:

Looks like Nathan isn’t leaving the group for good, but something serious must be going on for him to drop off Allstar’s biggest tour to date. It also appears that Nathan was not on the recent short European tour where the guys played several shows around London, as he was not featured in any group photos with the band.

Even though ASW reassured fans that everything is okay, everyone is still wondering what is up with Nathan! He was totally sweet when the band visited Buzznet and even joked about being an intern in the “VIP” office upstairs (I wish!!!) so I hope everything works out for Nathan and he’ll be able to join the band on the road soon!

There’s a lot of conspiracy theories as to why Nathan’s gone…what do you think?