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What In The World Have I Been Doing

Hello Buzznet, we’ve been friends for a really long time and I thought that I haven’t been showing you no love. My bad, I’ve been super busy with all the things that make life so great! 


Allstar Weekend Rocks the Canyon Club

On Monday evening, Allstar Weekend kicked off the Cali dates of their Summer of Love tour at the Canyon Club, just outside of Los Angeles. Armed with an array of new songs from their “The American Dream” EP, the band packed the house with fans of all ages. In fact, they even brought a few… More »

Did Someone Say Tour Dates? Allstar Weekend and Honor Society Tour Dates Out Now!

Who wouldnt want to fall in love with the guys in Allstar Weekend and Honor Society? Well this summer you might just! In fact today tour dates were released that…

Allstar Weekend: A Year in Review

There’s no doubt that 2011 was Allstar Weekend‘s biggest and busiest year to date and definitely one that they will never forget! Between an insane touring schedule and promotional appearances the band managed to put out an album, travel to multiple continents, attend tons of cool events, appear in a movie…and they even stopped by… More »

Happy Birthday Zach from Allstar Weekend: Time to Party Like It IS Your Birthday!

It’s December 10th, which means it’s time to party for Zach from Allstar Weekends 22nd birthday!! Since he parties like it’s NOT his birthday year round, I wonder how he’ll be celebrating the big…

Nathan from Allstar Weekend Drops Off Selena Gomez Tour

Yesterday, Allstar Weekend announced that they would be joining Selena Gomez on the road this summer…minus one member. Guitarist Nathan Darmody will not be touring with the group for…

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