Kreayshawn to LA Weekly: ‘I Really Wanna Empower Girls’

Check out LA Weekly’s feature on Oakland rapper Kreayshawn, where she talks her deal with Sony, working at ikea and dropping out of high school. I was skeptical of the pint-sized “Gucci Gucci” rapper at first, but since her music-video-turned-viral-video dropped a month ago she’s totally won my fandom.

Her LA Weekly interview shows a side of her we’ve never seen before: no excess of “swag,” no crazy slang, just Natassia Zolot (“Kreayshawn’s” given name).

Kreayshawn’s lack of a conventional upbringing leaves her hoping to empower her female fans, since, according to her, no one else in the industry is fulfilling that role.

“I really wanna empower girls. There’s no one empowering women at all. Beyoncé does a good job. Everyone else is, like, ‘Go party!’ Lady Gaga is just on some crazy ‘not even be yourself, but be EXTREMELY INSANE’ [thing]. I just think there’s room for a voice like mine. I don’t own a dress. I have wide feet, I can’t even wear heels.”

Check out the rest of the article here, and follow Kreayshawn on tumblr.

Update: Do not miss this interview Kreayshawn did with Karmaloop TV! My favorite new artist and my one of favorite stores all in one!

How do you feel about the other side of Natassia Zolot? Does her tell-all interview make you love her more?

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