BUZZNET Obsession: Sony Action Camera

Coachella 2013 was such an incredible experience this year, and was even…

Girls Can Geek Out at GDC!

Are you a Gamer? Here’s the LATEST from the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. If you love the upcoming game Disney Infinity mixed with some Star Wars pinball then you have to see this!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Announces Partnership With Sony And An Upcoming Tour!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s collaborative production company, hitRECord, has some new toys to play with!

As if filming blockbuster hits (The Dark Knight Rises, Looper) doesn’t keep him busy enough, JGL and his team have fostered a relationship…

Enter For A Chance To Be Taylor Swift’s Personal Photographer!

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift has a giving heart and she especially loves to give back to her fans. That means YOU! Taylor has teamed up with Sony

Songs For 10 Days: 1/10

Song legally purchased includes in “The Unforgiving” album – 2011 // Sony BMG (c) I’ve got to try it’s not over yet No signals of life have you left My heart is bleeding just for you Bleeds for only you And it hurts to know the truth Are you looking for saviour Chasing a dream?… More »

The Static Jacks Rock SXSW: Sony Party

Fearless Records band The Static Jacks are purely a rock & roll band, made for the ranks of such festivals like South By Southwest in Austin, Texas. The band played last night March 14th at Red 7. Check out the black & white photos I captured (lighting was bad, but I like the vintage feel)…. More »

Design Your Own ‘Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance’ Poster!

Do you ever feel like you could create a better poster than the ones that you see everyday? THIS is your chance! SONY’s Face of…

The Amazing Spiderman Trailer is Finally Here!

Reblogged from Shelby Stardust

   Amidst the Harry Potter frenzy circulating the interwebs, it would appear that the official, high-definition trailer of the highly-anticipated, The Amazing Spider-Man has…

Kreayshawn to LA Weekly: ‘I Really Wanna Empower Girls’

Check out LA Weekly’s feature on Oakland rapper Kreayshawn, where she talks her deal with Sony, working at ikea and dropping out of high school. I was skeptical of the…

Kreayshawn Signs With Sony for $1 Million

Bay Area rapper Kreayshawn has reportedly signed a $1 million deal with Sony, though rumors remain unconfirmed by the hip hopper.

Kreayshawn first gained attention with her YouTube hit “Gucci Gucci,” and…

What? No Spider-Man?

Since Sony anounced this week that Tobey Maguire will Not be playing Spider-Man in the next film installment,
we’re left without a Spider-Man!

There is a…

Annals Of Movie Marketing: Taking ‘Rocky’ Out With The Trash

We really have to commend Sony Picture Home Entertainment for its well-executed, thoughtful marketing campaign for the Rocky Balboa DVD, an effort captured in this reader-submitted cameraphone photo of a garbage truck leaving the Fallbrook… from

Sony’s Amy Pascal Named Most Powerful Non-Male In Hollywood

While we impatiently await the day sometime in the next five or so millennia that Hollywood’s most powerful executives finally make the inevitable evolutionary leap to a new, single-gendered superspecies capable of both pre-menstrual rage… from

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