James Franco: Actor, Producer, Artist, Writer, Author… Singer?

As if James Franco weren’t already enough of a Renaissance Man, he’s adding yet another title to his resume: recording artist.

The 127 Hours star is teaming up with video and performance artist Kalup Linzy in a whirlwind of wigs and crazy costumes dubbed Kalup and Franco.

Brooklyn native Linzy is known for his outrageous drag characters, making his debut with Franco on General Hospital last year.

The duo’s three-song EP, Turn it Up, is due out July 12 and, according to Pitchfork, will garner “surprise guest cameos” in the music videos for the songs.

For now, check out Kalup and Franco’s version of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Proud Mary” at Campari’s 150th Anniversary celebration last year:

Is James Franco the next male Lady Gaga, or should he stick to acting (and producing and writing and making art and being hot and getting a million PhDs)?

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