Babe Alert: 50 Photos Of James Franco

Re featured this in honor of James Franco‘s bday today! Hold on, let me pick my jaw up real fast. Ok, now that I got that taken care of, let me just say James Franco needs to be cloned. Agreed? He seriously is one of my favorite actors, he can model and let’s face it… More »

Fashion Forward: James Franco

James Franco is oh so talented in many ways. When he is not too busy being dreamy he is either acting, directing, producing, singing, writing, taking college classes, teaching college classes, and hosting the Oscars (must I go on). I must! Franco’s most recent addition to his impressive resume is “commercial director”, as he has… More »

James Franco: Actor, Producer, Artist, Writer, Author… Singer?


As if James Franco weren’t already enough of a Renaissance Man, he’s adding yet another title to his resume: recording artist.

The 127 Hours star is teaming up…

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