Tarja Blog #10 – Bochum

May 18, 2011

There are only few shows ahead of us. I have to say that this tour has been amazing and it is sadly nearly over

We have done many shows in Germany this time and the days have passed by very fast. The concerts in Bonn, Osnabrück, Hamburg, Berlin, Leipzig and Neu-Isenburg were all amazing and we really rocked with the people!

More journalist are surprised every day how they see very young people, metalheads, but as well, couples in their 50’s in my shows

That’s no news for me, but seems there is an awakening happening: Tarja is not doing metal or classical music. Tarja is doing her own thing

So you, my fans, I thank you for being there! It is always nice to have people around you who are making you feel more energetic and happy. The better I feel, the more I can give back.

We enjoyed some really nice summer days in some cities, in others we were blessed with rain, but in general it’s been great weather here in Germany.

I also want to tell you that I have been quite busy during my off days working on my future album.

I have had important meetings and I already have quite clear vision about the album, which makes me confident.

At the moment I am planning the photo sessions for the album cover! As soon as I get back home, I will let you know a bit more about it.

Before the last shows, we have been rehearsing with Liv Kristine something special for you.

If you were not yet decided to come to our last German concert in Hannover, I’d say you should! I am sure you will love it!

The song sounds pretty nice I must say and it’s been even nicer to get to know Liv better. She is a sweetheart.

Tomorrow a sold out show in Bochum waits for us! Yeah!

With love, Tarja