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VIDEO: Happy Birthday Albie Manzo!!

Hey Fellow Buzzers! [kaltura id=0_gnieybqv autoplay=0 type=single] This past weekend was Memorial Day Weekend for most people. However, in my family, it was more than just the holiday we were celebrating. My cousin Christopher and my brother CJ share a birthday ( May 24th ) and my cousin Albie‘s birthday is May 27th. This past… More »

Some Instagram Action

Hey you guys! Check out a few of my photos from my Instagram that you might have missed. Follow me on Instagram ( @ashleeholmes ) to see even more! xx

Aquamarine Is The Color Of March

Somehow it is already March,where did the time go!? I feel like just yesterday I was booking my flight home for Christmas and planning out my Halloween costume. I looked up some March fashion and life inspiration photos and found out the color for March is one of my absolute favorites, aquamarine! There is just… More »

Ashlee Holmes: Back In LA (VIDEO)

Howdy folks! So… I’m FINALLY back in LA. It was so sad leaaving my family and friends in NJ, but I was ready to be back. Coming back here wasn’t as hard as it usually is because my best friend Jaclyn Marie Brinster decided to come back with me and visit for a whole week!… More »

Ashlee Holmes talks Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day. Today you’re either happy with your significant other, faking it with your significant other, or depressed that you don’t have a significant other to share this day with… or MAYBE you’re one of those people that are completely happy being single. Who knows. Bottom line is that no matter what your situation is… More »

THANKFUL: Caroline Manzo

I recently asked my aunt 20 questions. I also asked her to tell me five things that she was thankful for this year. Check out this gallery to see what she had to say. 🙂

Ashlee Holmes: 24 Hours In Vegas (VIDEO)

My AMAZING friend Linc’s birthday is this Wednesday. She decided that she wanted to have a 24 hour birthday celebration in Las Vegas. We had a blast. We spent a majority of the night at HYDE. They had soem sort of super hero party going on, we didn’t dress up for it haha. HOWEVER, we… More »

Ashlee Holmes: Personal Family Portraits

I’ve been in Texas for a little over a week now visiting some family. The other day my Daddy, Step Mom, a few of my little brothers and I went to go take some family pictures. Here’s a sneak peak of some of the photos.

Photo Diary: In Cruise Again For The Ninth Time

Here I am with a huge gallery with the most part of the pics my dad and I shot during our holiday. If you want to read a bit of history of the place just check out the links below: Day One – Leaving Trieste Day Two – Ancona Day Three – Medugorje Day Four… More »

Photo Diary – In Milan Again

Check out this little gallery about my last trip in Milan. There’s photos of the residence hotel where I stayed with my parents, me ready for Nicki Minaj’s concert and a lot of pics about nature… All the photos have been shot by my daddy with a CANON EOS 400 DIGITAL Enjoy 😉

New York City Photo Diary: Part Two

Man, what a crazy 48 hours I had in NYC, I had such a blast and ended the trip off with the most amazing party thrown in honor of my friend Marcella’s birthday. Only she has the power to bring together an enitre group of friends from LA and NYC, give them an 80’s cover… More »

Lola’s Personal & Photo Diary!

Well hello again, my foxy friends. I’m sick in bed, which means I finally have some time to write & post! I’ve been posting a fair amount of photos with little to no insight into what’s actually going on in my life on any given day, so I’m going to try to accompany my photo… More »

Photo Diary – Holidays, Relax, History, Nature and Fun

Finally I have a little bit of free time to upload this photo gallery about my cruise. On Monday I come back home and I already miss it! But, I always have 450 photos to can see everytime I want and remind all the places I visited and can’t wait to come back on cruise… More »

Photo Diary – Weekend At Triskell between nature and magic

This weekend has been really full for me, I had a lot of fun at the first two days of Triskell, a Celtic festival organized here in my city, Trieste, since 2000. This is the first year I take part for almost all the days, usually in this period I was in cruise with my… More »

Tarja Blog #11 – Tour is over

May 26, 2011

I am back at home feeling tired, but really happy. This tour in Europe was the longest one so far I’ve done on my own, but in a way it went…

Tarja Blog #10 – Bochum

May 18, 2011

There are only few shows ahead of us. I have to say that this tour has been amazing and it is sadly nearly over

We have done many shows…

Photo diary: in Florence between art, music and friends!

Finally I had a little bit of free time to do this blog, I’m in huge late, I know, it’s almost passed a month from my trip in Florence but among a thing and another…

Photo Diary Nomad City


Photo Diary Doom Generation


Photo Diary: Against The Grain


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