Getting Results: E Is For Exploring

Last week called for exploration. Some of you are quite the Indiana Jones adventureers! You all grabbed your cameras and went to cut through dense brush just to share your spirit of adventure.

Look at all this shrubbery that Sappy hacked through with her taco-chete. Or maybe she ate tacos after she cut her way through this. What a delicious photo.

Once we hack through all the shrubs, we are going to need to start our hike:

Annier and Hovis saw these people during one of their adventures.

Sometimes, when the dirt paths run out, you have to take the train tracks like in that movie Stand By Me:

Meghan93 found these tracks behind her house and I scared her with one of woeful tales of woe-ity. 🙁

Sometimes, when the tracks run out, you find neat things to crawl into:

Lory found a piece of olde tyme well just hanging out in a farm field.

We all know how wells go underground and we all know that underground exploring is where it’s at:

UncleLou and friends know how to explore.

You’re going to have to surface from the subterranean depths sometime, right?

Here we see Asherah snapping photos of an emerging explorer.

Once you are out of the underground, you can explore the land that lays before you:

JaneBecameInsane snapped this faerie kingdom in the land of behind her parents house. MAGIC.

Maybe this little stream is a tributary of this magnificent beast:

Mimi K “borrowed” this photo from her Pappy. Amazeballs, right?

Let us imagine that on the other other side of this waterfall, a vast urban oasis awaits:

Oh and let’s imagine that we got there by bike. I snapped this at the top of Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. There is a room in the observatory that totally looks like this:

Rhianna explored the wilds of Chicago and found this.

Do you see those three archways there? Well, if you enter the left arch, you go here:

This is Reverie3’s magic cave of wonders.

In the middle arch, you go here:

Oops! RedChanges has lead us into the wrong arch! Retreat! Retreat!

In the right arch, we are taken to BizarreLand:

Here we see the tiny taters gettin their colonoscopy on. S’ok though, they’re just being health conscious!

Thanks to everyone that submitted this week! We hope you have enjoyed this weeks Alphabet Assignment! Stay tuned for the next assignment!