Question of the Day: If You Could Eat Whatever You Wanted Today…?

Today is Eat Whatever You Want Day. Yes, it is a real fake holiday. I looked it up and the internet told me that it was so. That means that it is true because the Google Gods never lie, right?

Enjoy this turkey nomwich that Rhianna had one day.

If I could whatever I wanted to today, I would mostly go to this place called Veggie Grill and nom on some of their tasty samminches. I haven’t been there in a while and mostly I need to recharge my Veggie Grill-o-meter.

Le All American Stack – OMG ITS SO TINY!

My favorite thing there is the VG Cheeseburger, El Dorado style. El Dorado style means EXTRA DELICIOUS in Spanish, I think. Oh and the Chill Out Wings. The only trouble is, every time I go there, I eat WAY too much and I have to bike home with a distended belleh and it hurts so good. BTW, all this stuff is vegan and magical and tastes like rainbows.

If you could eat whatever you wanted today, what would you eat?

PS: This is my sisters face hiding behind Cake Pops. She’s going to make me vegans cake pops soon. Mostly they are little balls of cake on sticks and they are cute, like my sister. I want some of those. That’s from her Instagram app which I will write about shortly, so hold onto your horses. I write about food too much, don’t I?