Taylor Lautner is Abducted… In His New Movie

Much to the dismay of Twilight fans everywhere, the final chapter of Twilight is upon us, with the first Breaking Dawn film releasing in November.

Taylor Lautner, for one, is wasting no time, joining fellow Twilight costars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart by jumping on the “starring-in-my-own-movie-that-isn’t-Twilight” bandwagon.

Last night MTV released the first trailer for Tay-Tay’s upcoming flick Abduction, where he plays Nathan, a young man who tries to find out the truth about his life after finding his baby picture on a missing persons website.

Taylor told MTV News,“It’s crazy for me to actually watch the trailer, because I’ve been envisioning this movie put together for so long — ever since I read the script. Just to see it all together now is really exciting.”

The action thriller hits theaters September 23rd.

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