Breaking Into ‘Breaking Dawn’: EXCLUSIVE SET PHOTOS!

As previously reported, the Twilight Saga cast is back on location in Vancouver to shoot the remaining two films in the series. That’s right: RPattz, KStew, Tay-Tay & Co. are back and hard at work in Vancouver to give all the Twihards something to look forward to come fall when the highly anticipated second-to-last Twilight film is released in theaters. If you didn’t already know, the upcoming film Breaking Dawn has Robert Pattinson‘s Edward Cullen and Kristen Stewart‘s Bella Swan getting married and having a baby.

Apparently the weather on the set is a concern for much of the cast and crew: Mia Maestro (Denali Coven) shared her thoughts on the conditions: “This combo of fake snow, real snow, 9 degrees outdoor filming has not made my lungs too happy. Brewing some Icelandic sage tea for remedy.”

Gil Birmingham (Billy Black) arrived yesterday and took his Twitter to say “Crazy weather here! Rain…and more rain…hope you folks in the flooded areas of the Midwest are drying out today!”

Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen) arrived in Vancouver on Sunday and tweeted, “WHAT is going on with the weather everywhere??? Get warm already!”

Despite the cast and crew’s dismay for the weather, fans are superstoked and braved the freezing weather to catch a glimpse of the Vancouver set.

BUZZNET has your EXCLUSIVE Breaking Dawn set photos!

Photo Credit: @annechantal

Spotted: Kristen Stewart arriving back in Vancouver from L.A. on Feb. 27th

The Black house where Taylor Lautner does a lot of his filming, located on Quarry Rd

Edward & Bella’s cottage

How stoked are you for the next two films in the Twilight Saga?