Get the All New Blackberry Facebook App Before Anyone Else, Yes It Has Chat!

Facebook is probably the one (third party) app us Blackberry users most. Right? Well unfortunately the Blackberry version of Facebook has been really outdated and lame for some time now. It has been missing the most vital feature aka Chat! Well, RIM has officially made Facebook for BlackBerry version 2.0 available as a Beta app (link at the end of post). The new and updated features for Facebook 2.0 include:

Facebook Chat

Blackberry users can now chat with their Facebook friends within the Facebook app, which is a feature long overdue.

Improved News Feed

The “improved News Feed interactions let you to scroll through your News Feed without accidentally clicking ‘Like’; you can simply click the ‘More’ button (+) to interact with your friends’ posts. Enhanced publisher functionality allows you post photos to your Wall, add an update, or check in to a Facebook Place from the News Feed.”

New Navigation Control

The old school static navigation bar has been updated to a cool new drop-down navigation control.

Notifications Bar

Just like in “Today View” on 6 OS’ the notifications is an easy way check your Facebook Notifications, Messages, Friend Requests and Chats within the app.

External Notifications

Now “you don’t have to leave the Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones app to see what’s new on your device. The BlackBerry smartphone external notifications header lets you see when you’ve received a new email message or BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™) message without having to leave the Facebook application.”

New Profile UI and Profile Information Viewing

“The New Profile UI now provides Wall, Info, and Photo tabs for an even better browsing experience. New to v2.0 is the ability to view key information on Profiles and Pages, such as contact info, basic info like birthdays, hometown and relationship status, and likes and interests.”

Okay, so if you are like me and want the new Facebook app on your beloved Blackberry now, I have good news. Blackberry is releasing Facebook 2.0 thought the BlackBerry® Beta Zone before it’s official release date (not announced). So go sign up (it’s free) and be the cool one in your Blackberry circle of friends with the new and improved Facebook app.

Are you excited to FINALLY have a real(ish) Facebook on your Blackberry?

Did you download the new beta 2.0 yet?

via Blackberry Blog