New Birthday Gifts At Home

Well, I was waiting for a couple of weeks for Celine’s package with my bday gift inside and also the one of my mommy (she had her bday on September) and I was really worried…

Armen as a Storm Trooper

So I went to the Griffith Observatory last week and took this amazing photo! Yes, the inner nerd came out a little and I rocked that Storm Trooper helmet like you couldn’t believe. I actually got a few funny looks from adults and then there were the shock and aw looks from kids… So, I’m… More »

Get the All New Blackberry Facebook App Before Anyone Else, Yes It Has Chat!

Facebook is probably the one (third party) app us Blackberry users most. Right? Well unfortunately the Blackberry version of Facebook has been really outdated and lame for…

Relax, take it easy!

I’m a little bit better, for relax me I decided to stay in my bed, don’t think to nothing and watch MEAN GIRLS, one of my fav movies ever. Anyone thinks it like…

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