Real Like A Plastic Bouquet

Rainbow braids and headwraps. Im currently in Philly planning out the rest of year while feeling slightly bumed at the fact im missing the Vans Jesse Jo Stark launch party tonight. I have been drooling over the lookbook online all week. Im learning that my character trait of never accepting “no” as an answer can make life a little more difficult but well worth it in the end.

I have been living in Hollywood for four years now and two faced personalities of the people who reside here never cease to amazing me. I think its really just a constant reminder I should be in New York. Everyday I get closer and closer to packing up and moving myself to the big apple. I feel as if im wasting my time in a city where people flock to for the for the sole purpose of fame. If I had a penny for everytime I have been lied to in these four years I may be able to buy myself a privet jet. Not trying to be negative just keeping it real.

On a more positive note the Tokyolux summer collection is being shot next week, im just waiting on my glitter samples to arrive!

My advice to everyone is… do what you want and screw the establishment.