Mila Kunis: Sexy without ask it!

Ukrainian actress, co-actress in Black Swan, talks at COSMO ITALIA about kisses (Sapphic and not), romantic love and secrets

1.The favorite part of my body is:





e.Other: the finger’s feet with the birthmark

2.The co-protagonist who kisses better is:

a.Ashton Kutcher

b.James Franco

c.Justin Timberlake

d.Jason Segel

e.Natalie Portman

f.Other: Justin’s upper lip, Natalie’s lower lip, James’ chin and Jason’s teeth!

3.Have a friend and make sex with him is:




d.Other: risky but also snugly fantastic

4.I kissed a girl (on screen) and…

I didn’t worry to hurt me with the brushy beard

5. The thing I’m most afraid is…

A lot time ago I was scared about insects, but now anymore. When I see someone I think “I must relax myself”

6.My secret for attract the men:

I couldn’t be less sexy, even if I wanted! I love stay in jumpsuit, I burp… I’m not particularly sexy like woman. I think that flirt is stupid. My motto is: “Say what you think. If a man deflate you, he’s the wrong one”

7.People mistakes me for:

a.Miranda Kerr

b.Vanessa Hudgens

c.Rachel Bilson

d.Other: Moder Family’s girl (photo below)

8.I feel me sexy overall when I wear…


9.The most romantic thing a man can does for me is:

Make me flowers as gift, but not for my b-day: get them without reason is damn romantic.

10.The most sexiest thing a man can do is:

a.Write a song for me

b.Show the muscles

c.Carry as a gentleman: for example open me the door

d.Lead in the bedroom

e.Other: carry as a gentleman, open me the door, while he writes a song for me, lead in the bedroom and show the muscles 😉

11.The thing I hidden for a long time is:

For a lot of years I’ve been blind from an eye. I had a iris’ chronic inflammation that blurred my view and made me have two different colors of eyes. I was blind, but now I see clearly: I did a surgery a couple of months ago.

12.A thing I’ve never did it but I would do it…

A safari