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#FBF Best Oscar Looks Ever

This Sunday, Hollywood’s biggest stars will hit the red carpet in hopes of earning a golden statue. Yes, the Oscars are finally airing, signaling the end of one of the most interesting and historic awards seasons yet. Between the all black Golden Globes red carpet to the ever-growing #TimesUp movement, celebrities have been showing their… More »

25 Celebs Being Normal AF

When we think of celebrities, fancy cars, bougie parties, and fat bank accounts tend to come to mind. Well, all those things and more may come with celeb status, but being a public figure doesn’t eliminate errands and mundane tasks from your life. Shocking, we know! To remind us that everyone starts their days with… More »

12 Times Celebrities Shut Down Stupid Questions

Celebrities understand when living in the spotlight they’re going to be subject to some pretty ridiculous questions. However, while promoting new projects, sharing news and big life events with fans is exciting for the celebrity, some reporters seriously miss the mark when it comes to getting a famous face to dish out juicy info to craft a… More »

Stars In Commercials Before They Were Famous


This month at Buzznet we are all about makin’ memories and remembering some of our fave moments from the past. I decided to take a trip down memory lane…

Buzz Bites: Taylor Swift Was Caught Sucking Face With Tom Hiddleston

Waiiit…it’s Thursday? Where has the week gone? Let’s see what’s buzzing on the world wide web! Taylor Swift was caught sucking face with Tom Hiddleston in Rhode Island. Guess she shook off her break up with Calvin Harris faster than we thought! Speaking of Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift…looks like things aren’t that chill between… More »

See The First Picture of Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis’s Baby Girl!

Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher is finally here and everyone is dying to see what the precious baby looks like! But in former Punked host Ashton Kuntcher fashion, its not going to be that easy. Ashton posted…

Mila Kunis Covers W Magazine! – August 2014

Cover girl: Mila Kunis reveals plans to put acting career on hold and marrying Ashton Kutcher ‘in secret’ with no guests in the latest issue of W Magazine,

Official Top 30 World’s Most Beautiful Women of 2014

2016’s List Will Be Published on 5 February

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher at Mila’s brother’s wedding!

At first look it appeared as though Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher had just tied the knot.

Who Wore It Better: Taylor And Mila Break The Rules

It looks like Taylor Swift and Mila Kunis are both ignoring the “no white after Labor Day” rule. Both ladies wore sexy white dresses at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Demi Lovato Makes Me Want To Be Her BFF With Makeup Free, Sleepy Selfie

Throw Demi Lovato in there with Jennifer Lawrence and Mila Kunis as “girls I want to be me besties with,” after she posted this adorable selfie online. The singer…

Happy fapping birthday Mila Kunis

Actress Mila Kunis turns 30 today (though she doesnt look a day over 20.)  I personally would like to extend a happy birthday to whom i feel is a great actress.  

Mila Kunis Turns 30, Happy Birthday!

Mila Kunis has that special something only Hollywood’s rarest gems have: the delicate yet powerful balance between charming and sexy, funny and gorgeous, brains and beauty.

Our Fave TV Couples Who Dated IRL

I may or may not have just shouted “Love is Everything!” at work. I was laughed at. But that’s besides the point! Love and relationships are glorious. It’s even more glorious when your favorite fictional couples actually date off-screen. It’s just so adorable. And you think – awww the chemistry is real! (and awww they… More »

Official Top 30 World’s Most Beautiful Women of 2013

Official Top 30 World’s Most Beautiful Women of 2013

In Defense Of: Shorts On The Red Carpet

A controversial fashion topic that is sure to heat up along with the weather is formal shorts. What’s the big deal about shorts on the red carpet? If you’ve got the legs to pull it off, by all means, do! It’s certainly a refreshing change from the super short and tight minis that everyone else… More »

Step Into the World of Oz

Last night I went to the movies to see Oz the Great and Powerful and I left the theater absolutely mesmerized! There are no words to describe how beautiful the movie made the world of Oz when it came to the art, graphics, fashion, and best of all the acting. The movie has made me… More »

MTV Movie Award Nominations 2013: Who’s Taking Home The Popcorn?

It’s time to cast your votes for your favorite actors and…

Is Mila Kunis The New Jennifer Lawrence?!

Mila Kunis is winning hearts all over the world with this adorable interview. In fact, she could be giving Jennifer Lawrence a run for her money as the most endearing leading lady. During an…

Runway vs. Red Carpet: London Premiere Of Oz: The Great And Powerful

Michelle Williams and Mila Kunis, the ladies of Oz: The Great and Powerful, have been turning it out at the different…

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