BLOG: Presque

It’s almost Spring! I am so excited to see some color coming out of the woodwork!

What are some of your favorite things about spring?Mine is definitely the rain. It rains every day like clockwork on the way back from the beach, I find it so relaxing and calming. Especially the thunderstorms we have here in the lightning capital of the world!The lightning is amazing. Especially when you look at it as the very same energy that is now running through your body, as well as every other living being.

What I cannot stand is daylight savings. Ugh! How un-relevent is that to modern times? At least for the next month I will technically be awake for one hour longer.

I just got a new bed and my kitty Harley prowls under the sheets at night. He’s so weird! He wanted to go outside, but I wouldn’t let him so he waited for the day I opened the window by the couch and he busted through the screen to get out. He’s a determined little punk.

Did I ever show you my Zero tattoo?I’m thinking about getting some additions: a mausoleum, moon, etc. Doesn’t looking at him just make you happy inside?Well, that’s why I got him anyhow!

I need your help with a hair decision bees!!What color should I dye my hair next?I’ve grown tired of copper, plus it’s spring so this old color just wont do!Suggestions?

On the fashion side of things, I totally into embellished leather jackets, atm. I feel that one or two are totally necessary in your wardrobe.

What are your thoughts?And what are your Spring fashion obsessions of the moment?