Rebel Rats

Rebel Rats running the city. The last week or so has been a blur. I have had so much to do but feel as if i have done nothing. Anxiety has been taking more control then I would like. The Coco De Coeur line is going to be out this week, save your pennies… its amazing. I have a new obsession with seeing double features, silent movies and French films. Me and my friends have been at the theatre almost every night. We saw Polanski’s Vampire Killers yesterday and Michael Cera was there… I was impressed, my friends were not.

Facemasks have also been a staple in my life the last week. Grate a cold cucumber in a bowl, add a few drops of orange essence oil and place over your face while laying down. You can ass some cold cucumber slices to your eyes for extra relaxtion. Recommended after a long day followed by a hot oil bubble bath…cure for everything.

Im off to brunch with my friend cassie and prepping for a long day of sampling & meetings tomorrow.