25 Of The Best Hats For Fall

I am so excited because today I am flying to Monroe, LA to do an interview, and it’s a no makeup, travel only work day for me, which means I get to catch up on some reading and journalling and sleeping! Yesterday Swoon and I took a trip to topshop at The Grove and I… More »

Let’s Go Shopping: 30 Fall Must Haves

HEY! So… if you haven’t done your fall shopping yet… you’re in luck!! I’m about to share what MY Fall MUST HAVES are. I know fashion week isn’t even over yet, but I was never really one that did my shopping soley based on the trends of the runway. Everyone has a different style… but… More »

Shuku New York: Top 25 UNDER $100

I’m currently obsessed with this brand called Shuku New York. I’ve been following them on Instagram and I love everything they post. I decided to finally check out their site. Turns out they are super affordable. Check out my top 25 favorite items for under $100. I even included the links for you! xx Happy… More »

My New Obsession: Embellished Collars

I have a bunch of new obsessions lately. One of them is: EMBELLISHED COLLARS. YES. It’s just so simple and adorable. I especially love when I see girls wearing crewneck sweatshirts or sweaters with an embellished collar popping out. It changes the whole outfit –for the better. I know that this style isn’t exactly the… More »

20 Questions With Fashion Blogger: Nicole Alyse

I recentlly asked my good friend/fashion blogger a few interesting questions. Nicole Alyse is notoriously known for her collection of vintage tees, disposable cameras, and her love for iced coffee. Nicole is aNew York City based vintage collector turned clothing curator. Follow her blog here. Check out what she had to say below, as well… More »

Ashlee Holmes Is Obsessed With The Princess Vera Wang Collection

I’m totally OBSESSED with my latest purchases. I’ve always been a HUGE fan of Vera Wang, now I have a reason to love her even more! Vera Wang now has a new line made exclusevely for Kohls. It’s called,…

I’m In New Jersey Trick!

Here are a few photos of my first few days in New Jersey! I’m going to be in New Jersey for a little while for business –and to visit my family &friends of course. So far since I’ve been back east, I’ve gotten to see all of my family and friends. My boyfriend, Sean, even… More »

GLASSbook Editorial Daydream

Photographer: Liz Besanson Designer/Wardrobe Styling: Heartless Revival Make-up: Angela Saracino Hair-stylist: Mackenzie Hughes Model: Audrey Kitching check out the published version over at GLASSbook

More From Lady Gaga’s Rolling Stone Issue Revealed

Reblogged from Alysia Florence

Yesterday we saw the cover for the latest issue of Rolling Stone which featured our favorite, Lady Gaga. Well I came across the rest of…

DIY Studded Boots

Having gone through three pairs of black lace-up boots this winter, I’d consider myself a conisseur of the style (Boston winter weather doesn’t treat shoes too well).

I’m all for saving a little dough, and this…

Coach Scarf To A Fendi Party

dress: topshop, hat: vintage, scarf: coach, bag: chanel, shoes: lita

Last night was the Fashion week…

Monster Shoes

I might need a lesson learning to walk in these bad boys…. but it would be well worth it! Give. me. now. ♥ Please &…

Colored Tips At New York Fashion Week

I think we are all well aware of my serious obsession with colored tips. Its nice to know they are still…

Vivienne Westwood Red Label Fall 2011

Im a HUGE fan of …

Pamela Love SS 11 Moon Rocks

Anything crystal like, celestial and inspired by moon rocks is right up my alley. Pamela Love’s new…

Bloggers Most Important Accessory

A bloggers most important fashion accessory! A stylish labtop…

Spell Bound Get The Look

Hat: H&M, Shirt: Toxic Vison Custom, Shoes: Alice & Olivia, Nylons: Urban,  Pearls: Grandmothers

I have fallen into the beanie trap.…

Rebel Rats

Rebel Rats running the city. The last…

Coachella for Days


New York Minute

Shirt: Vintage, Heels: Alice & Olivia, Bag: Denna & Ozzy, Jacket: Charlotte Ronson, Hat: Japan, Sunglasses: H&M

I know…

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