Looks like MTV will be producing a new Awards Show called the OMAs. Hmmm WHAT? The show will specialize in digital music and celebrate the art of technology. But than what does the O stand for?

MTV’s Derek McCormack states “We purposely left the name open for personal interpretation. There’s no contest or poll for folks to vote on what the ‘O’ will stand for. Simply put, the ‘O’ can stand for whatever you, the music fan, want it to be.”

The show will be broadcasted online live across MTV music groups websites on April 28th. Some categories will include best fansite, most memorable artists on Twiter and best app. McCormack also says ” The OMAs will celebrate the myriad of innovative and creative ways the worlds of music and digital have joined forces to break new ground like never before. Award winners will include aritsts, innovative companies, fans and web celebrities.”

It would be so awesome if Buzznet got nominated for something!!

What are your thought’s on this digital award show!?

Oh and any interpretations on what the ‘O’ stands for?