Who Do You Get a Hall Pass For? (Get Your Friends-With-Benefits On)

I can’t believe I just said “Get Your Friends With Benefits On.” I officially have no soul. Look, if you’re a consenting adult and you want to do the FWB thing, hey, more power to ya. I’m just more into “Cuddle Buddies” than anything. The only benefits I want are a 401K and a six month CD with a high return. Heck, I used to go to Insomniac parties and Cuddle Puddle with the best of em. So anyways, let’s dish about the upcoming movie Hall Pass.

My basic understanding of this movie is that these two dudes, Rick and Fred, (the not so handsome Wilson brother, Owen and Jason Sudeikis), get a “Hall Pass” from the wifey’s (wifeies? how do you make that plural?) to have the sexy times outside of their marriages.

The wives, played by Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate, do this in attempt to revitalize their seemingly stale marriages. As you can all guess, HIJINKS ENSUE.

It makes me think of Indecent Proposal, minus the money and the SHAME. It’s actually nothing like that at all. It’s more like, “Oh hey dudes that have been in marriages for years! Let’s see how out of touch with dating scene you are so we can all LoL! OMG learn a valuable life lesson!” YES!

Since I have the gay, I can’t get married (unless I move to Vermont or somewhere that FORCES me to wear Galoshes which, JSYK, are like a gay man’s FASHION NEMESIS). This made me wonder about for whom I would allow my LUVA to remove himself from the confines of our LTR and bestow upon him a “Hall Pass.” Yes, my lover of many years would be free to roam the halls of Singles High as I stayed home to walk our dogs, Buttercup the Mixed Terrier and WiggleSticks the Irish Sheep Dog.

My taste in men (OMG PLACEBO REFERENCE) is totally different than yours. I get that. So, here are some suggestions for you, dear reader, to give yourself a Hall Pass for (should you find yourself in a loveless marriage in your future).

James Franco. James Franco is into BEARS. So am I James, so am I.

Hey Ryan. I see you’re on a motorcycle. You brought the matching helmets, y/y?

Hey John O, I see that you have your shirt on in this picture. GET RID OF IT.

Photo by: KatieJRod

Bree is really into Tyler Glenn from Neon Trees, and now I see why:

Now it’s your turn. Who would you give yourself a Hall Pass for? Remember, we love photos. Go!